Freudenberg Politex announces a further increase of prices

Freudenberg Politex is forced again to raise its sales prices.

Raw materials on the market are very short and over the last few weeks this situation has dramatically affected costs, with unpredictable and uncontrollable rises.

Riccardo Sollini, President & CEO of the Group, has stated that "this further review of prices is unfortunately a forced choice, due to the necessity to maintain the engagements with our customers, our associates and with all other induced players. It is our responsibility to secure raw materials at any price, to avoid discontinuing our production in order to guarantee the continuity of our service. We ask again for the support of our customers and their understanding of this decision, made to protect our short term activity and confirm our long term commitment.
With the same sense of responsibility we are also committed to revising our prices downwards should raw material costs decrease in the forthcoming months."

The 7% prices increase will be applied effective from June 2010 including roofing reinforcements, nonwovens for thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as to all other building materials.

Novedrate, May 2010


Newsletter - Spring 2010

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Award in the USA: Industry of the Year

Freudenberg Texbond receives the Prize from the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce

Annual_Meeting_1.jpgOn March 6th, Freudenberg Texbond received the prize "Existing Industry of the Year" during the 149th Annual Meeting of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, which is given to companies for their contribution to the community. Freudenberg Texbond competed in the "less than 500 employees" category.

Nominated with 23 other Macon industries Freudenberg Texbond won the award being announced as a truly "green" company, turning PET post consumer bottles into nonwovens which are then sold as reinforcement for bituminous waterproofing membranes. Moreover, the Chamber of Commerce recognized the conscious involvement of Freudenberg Texbond in civic and charity activities throughout Central Georgia.

Richard Shaw, President & CEO of Freudenberg Texbond proudly announces the receipt of the Award, underlining that "The Macon Chamber of Commerce chose our company as a Good Corporate Citizens, by not only providing jobs for central Georgians but also for investing time, money and other resources in the community".

Novedrate, March 2010

Price increase in Quarter II/2010

In the very difficult conjuncture of the construction industry, Freudenberg Politex was able to keep the prices stable for a long period, adopting a very strict policy of cost reduction and optimization of its processes and being capable to absorb the effects of the global crisis in 2009. The pressure on all costs, raw materials in particular, started again to grow at the end of last year and is now escalating quickly. In spite of the improved efficiency, Freudenberg Politex can not compensate further the increase of costs.

This scenario forces the Group to apply a sale prices increase of 7% in the second Quarter 2010, asking its customers the effort to face together the new challenges of 2010.

Novedrate, March 2010

EPD certification and Climate Declaration

The environmental profile of nonwovens for bituminous membranes is certified

After obtaining the EPD label for Ecozero®, the panels for thermal and acoustic insulation, the Freudenberg Politex Group continues with the commitment for a responsible development, which is based on the two pillars of innovation and environmental protection.
Also Texbond® R and Terbond® R, the nonwovens made of recycled polyester and mainly used as reinforcements for bituminous roofing membranes, have now the certified Environmental Product Declarations, based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out in the Italian production sites of Novedrate and Pisticci by the Department of Engineering and Physics of the University of Basilicata.


It is well known that the construction industry is one of the sectors that can contribute more to the saving of natural resources, through improved energy efficiency of buildings and especially using products that can guarantee a reduced environmental impact all over their life cycle.

The EPD Environmental Declarations, certified by an independent organization, allow manufacturers of membranes to know the environmental impacts generated during the production of Freudenberg Politex nonwovens, divided into the different impact categories, and to draw the life cycle of their finished products accordingly. From the bottle to the roof!

Freudenberg Politex, through its integrated upstream processes with the internal production of fiber from PET bottles recycling, has been contributing to limit the consumption of natural resources for more than two decades. But the game is not over: we were pioneers in recycling at that time and we are pioneers in investigating the environmental issues today.

Together with the EPD Declarations, the Climate Declarations are now also available. Taken from the EPDs, the Climate Declarations easily show the Carbon Footprint of a product, showing the emissions of green-house gases expressed as CO2 equivalents, based on verified results from LCA in accordance with ISO 14025. Even in this case Freudenberg Politex is the first nonwovens manufacturer to make public the results of the LCA done on its production processes.

Through the LCA, which will also soon be carried out also at other sites of the Group, the aim is to measure the environmental impacts in order to publish the results and also to further improve them, by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and preserving natural resources where possible, favouring in this way a truly sustainable business development.

Not just a green label, but a clear, transparent and responsible path, to carry out the responsible behaviour demanded by the Management of the Group and applied with great determination by the team of experts at Freudenberg Politex.

Novedrate, February 2010

Award for environmental friendly innovation

The award from Legambiente goes to PisticciLegambiente.JPG

Innovating and doing business in a responsible and sustainable way. Perceiving the environment not as an endless resource, but as an asset to be protected.
These are the principles at the basis of the corporate policy of Freudenberg Politex, which obtained the prize "Award Innovation Friend of the Environment for Southern Italy" promoted by Legambiente, the largest environmentalist association in Italy, and by Confindustria, the National Confederation of the Italian Industry.

The prize, annually awarded for technologies, processes, services and innovative management systems that produce significant environmental improvements, is attributed to companies engaged in sustainable development and which distinguish themselves for their actions resulting in environmental improvements, in particular in the regions of Southern Italy, where the need of innovation is extremely important. The award was given to the Management of the Pisticci site, lead by Dr. Rocco Marsico, Chief Technical Officer of the Group, in Bari last January 30th, 2010.
"We build the future... by recovering the past" is the project that contributed to the excellence of the facility in Pisticci (MT).award.jpg
At the Pisticci site, Freudenberg Politex produces polyester nonwovens obtained from post consumer recycled PET bottles, then sold as reinforcements for bituminous waterproofing membranes. PET bottles coming from waste collection are selected, washed and reduced to flakes. The flakes are then used directly in the spinning process to obtain the fiber needed for the finished product. The nature of the production cycle allows not only the recovery of waste, but also a significant reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the replacement of virgin raw material with recycled polyester, which guarantees the same quality levels, allows the saving of natural resources consequently reducing the environmental impact by eliminating the energy consumption linked to the process of producing virgin polyester. The effective contribution to the environmental protection is demonstrated by the analysis of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its products, carried out by the Department of Environmental Engineering and Physics of the University of Basilicata, in the two plants of Novedrate and Pisticci and in progress at other sites of the Group. The LCA studies, following international rules, measure the environmental impacts that a product has during its life cycle. With the aim to confirm the objectivity of the data, Freudenberg Politex obtained for the products manufactured in Pisticci the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) label.

The production process of the Group puts emphasis on the importance of the waste collection, showing how it is concretely possible for industries to invest in clean technologies and to preserve natural resources.

The hope of Freudenberg Politex Management, starting from the President & CEO Dr. Riccardo Sollini who is personally committed in supporting sustainable technologies, is that the award contributes to increase the sensibility of the community in increasing the differentiated waste collection, in particular in the regions of Southern Italy.

Novedrate, February 2010

Freudenberg Politex at MADE EXPO 2010


An international Group with headquarters in Italy can not miss the appointment with Made Expo, the international exhibition of construction, architecture and design that will take place in Milan from February 3rd to 6th, 2010.

At MADE Expo the entire range of Freudenberg Politex Building Materials will be displayed; it's a range conceived for the protection of buildings, from the foundations to the roof. Building Materials include panels for thermo-acoustic insulation, underfloor soundproofing mats, waterproofing products, fiberglass nets for the reinforcement of walls, floors and road surfaces, underslating and geotextiles.

In particular Freudenberg Politex will show its environmental friendly products, manufactured with recycled polyester obtained from post consumer PET bottles. It is the case of Ecozero®, the panel for thermo-acoustic insulation which allows a considerable saving of natural resources all over its life cycle, with a consequent low environmental impact and reduced emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere, as guaranteed by the international EPD label of the Environmental Product Declaration.

Novedrate, January 2010

Milan Fairgrounds, Rho, Italy, February 3rd-6th 2010
Pav. 4 - Booth G11-H12

Autumn of news


"We strongly believe that our long term business orientation is a major strength that benefits our customers and partners". In order to maintain this long term business orientation we must anticipate the needs of our customers and markets. It is through this vision that Freudenberg Politex continues to offer new products to our valued customers. This is not by chance, but part of our Guiding Principles that rule the Group's activities.

In a period when everyone speaks about crisis and the construction industry in particular, Freudenberg Politex trusts more than ever in this market, in the recovery of the market, and the importance of research, communication strategy and in sustainable development.

Translated this means for the Group to invest in innovation of processes and products, to NOVGORODeng.jpgstrengthen communications with the market and the customers, to anticipate needs, without forgetting to protect the environment.

Autumn at Freudenberg Politex brings a breath of fresh news!

Three new Building Materials:

GlassPAR Floor: Fiberglass net alkali-resistant for floor reinforcementEXPOEDILIZIAeng.jpg

Ecozero FV: Ecological thermo-acoustic insulating panel with vapour control layer

PhonoPAR Reflex: Anti-footsteps mat with reflecting film

are going to be launched at the exhibitions SAIE in Bologna and EXPOEDILIZIA in Rome. The international presence of the Group continues with the presence at the exhibition RUSSIA UNITED in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.
The wish to communicate vis-à-vis with the core members of the construction sector will go ahead in 2010, starting with our presence at the international building exhibition MADE EXPO in Milan.

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Novedrate, October 2009


Environmental Product Declaration EPD® for Ecozero®

The environmental performances of Ecozero® panels for thermal and acoustic insulation of walls and rooftops, manufactured with polyester fibres produced from recycled PET bottles, have been certified with the EPD® logo of the Environmental Product Declaration.


The Freudenberg Politex Group is well-know not only as a world leader in the marketing of reinforcements for bituminous roofing membranes, but also because it is the major manufacturer of polyester recycled from post consumer PET bottles in Europe. And right the recycled polyester fibres are used to manufacture Ecozero® panels, which are used in the construction industry for thermal and acoustic insulation of walls and roofs.

Recycled materials and efficient thermal insulation of buildings are key factors that contribute to energy Ecozero_web.jpgsavings and to the reduction of natural resources consumption. For Freudenberg Politex it is not enough to know that its products and processes bring benefits to the environment. The questions are: how can we share this information and document our contribution to environmental protection and natural resources conservation? How can we further improve?

From these questions the project "Green Communication" arose, beginning with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the product Ecozero®, which was analysed by the Department of Environmental Engineering and Physics (DIFA) of the University of Basilicata.

The LCA study measures the environmental impacts that a product has during its life cycle. For each production step, data concerning the consumption of resources and the waste generated from the manufacturing process are documented and assessed, following international rules recognised by the ISO system. This method can ensure objective, homogeneous and comparable data.

With the aim to confirm the objectivity and the international value of data resulted from the LCA study, Freudenberg Politex decided to go on with the validation of the Environmental Product Declaration: the EPD® is a document certified by a independent technical organization according to the international protocol EPD®. The Declaration represents the results of the LCA study and the steps that led to determine the environmental profile of the product.

The validation of the LCA study and the EPD® allow Freudenberg Politex to absolutely affirm that its processes and products are sustainable thanks to the limited environmental impact. For example the use of recycled polyester manufactured in its plants instead of virgin raw material for the production of Ecozero® implies a reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere of 50%. In addition to this saving, environmental benefits arise also when using Ecozero® in buildings thanks to the effective performances of thermal insulation.

The decision of the Group in favour of clean technologies is also confirmed by the recent start up of a cogeneration plant in Novedrate where the internal production of electric and thermal energy allows a further reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere of about 14.000 tons per year.

Download the Environmental Product Declaration®
More info about Ecozero®

Novedrate, June 2009

New advertising campaign

Freudenberg Politex is pleased to present the new advertising campaign recently realized for the product Ecozero.
After years of increasing success, Ecozero is the symbol of the Group's innovative spirit and capacity to anticipate future concepts through constant attention to global market needs. Today more than ever the panels manufactured with polyester made from recycled PET bottles represent a perfect solution to the needs for energy efficient buildings and environmental protection.

Campaign Ecozero 2009

Novedrate, May 2009

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