A new product for the reinforcement of road surfaces

The range of Freudenberg Politex Building Materials is in continuous growth, thanks to diligent research and constant attention to the needs of customers:

news_04.09_logo.jpgis the new solution for the reinforcement of road surfaces. news_04.09_glasspar_road.jpg

It is a fiberglass net impregnated with bitumen, available in different versions of weight and mesh dimension, and represents the optimal solution to satisfy the different needs of roadway capacity and of thermic variations. To improve the adherence to the different layers of the road surface, GlassPAR Road nets have an acrylic adhesive on one side. The high tensile strength and the high elastic modulus with reduced elongations are the strengths of GlassPAR Road; this new product is very practical and easy to lay.

Further information is available from Customer Service.

April 2009

Excellent Safety at Freudenberg Texbond
Award of Excellence for Workplace Safety for Freudenberg Texbond

On February 24th Freudenberg Texbond LP received the "Award of Excellence" from the Georgia Department of Labor, in recognition of "Exceptional Workforce Safety in 2008".

Richard Shaw, CEO and Business Director North America, expresses his satisfaction: "This award confirms our highest commitment in matters of safety. Like all the other companies in the Freudenberg Group, we adopted global standards developed internally, which have helped us to achieve ambitious targets. Apart from the technical safety measures, we have turned to all employees in an effort to make them more aware of safety at the workplace. The "zero accidents" program was launched in 2006 under the motto: Zero Accidents. It's not about numbers, it's about people."

According to Carl Walden, HSE Manager, Freudenberg Texbond LP established a new record low for OSHA Recordable Accidents in 2008 and in fact ended the year with 9 consecutive months of accident free operations.

The Occupational Health and Safety Management System of Freudenberg Texbond is certified BSI-OHSAS 18001.

Freudenberg Texbond LP is based in Macon, Georgia, and belongs to the Freudenberg Politex Group, world market leader in the production of polyester reinforcements for bituminous roofing membranes.

Novedrate, March 2009


“New energy” at Freudenberg Politex

A cogeneration plant started up in Novedrate headquarters

Freudenberg Politex is pleased to announce the recent start up of a cogeneration plant in Novedrate for the internal production of thermal and electric energy.

Dr. Riccardo Sollini, President & CEO of the Group, explains that "the cost of utilities has risen constantly over the years and environmental protection has assumed a much more strategic importance for industries. This is why the decision was made to install a cogeneration plant in Italy, where the cost of energy particularly affects our business".

The cogeneration plant produces 5 MW of electric power and also satisfies the needs for thermal energy of the entire site with around 4 MW. The recovery of thermal energy, in its noble and less noble state, allows for a 75% exploitation of the cogeneration plant. This efficiency ratio is very high, especially when compared to the average efficiency of traditional electric plants which usually do not exceed 55%.

Thanks to the high efficiency, the cogeneration plant allows considerable savings on combustion, with the consequent drop of emissions into the atmosphere by approximately 45% in comparison with traditional sources. The environmental benefit estimated is a reduction of CO2 emissions of around 14.000 tons per year.

The reduction of the environmental impact of the site at Novedrate makes it eligible for white certificates of energy efficiency. This is in addition to the recycling activities of the Group, which for more than ten years has been producing polyester internally from PET post consumer bottles, thus allowing a significant reduction of CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle of its finished products.

Novedrate, February 2009

MosBuild 2009, Building Materials & Equipment
Expocentr at Krasnaya Presnya
Moscow, Russian Federation
March 31 - April 3, 2009
Pavillon F - Stand F 337
Certifications in Russia
The Russian company Freudenberg Politex OOO obtained certificates of conformity according to standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, confirming the engagement of the Freudenberg Politex Group in ensuring that activities at all sites conform to high standards of behaviour and ethics.

December 2008

Virtuous re-cycling: energy saving at 360°

From Freudenberg Politex the panels for thermo-acoustic insulation, "green" in the aspect and in the substance1_bottles.jpg

Ecozero® by Freudenberg Politex is a panel for the thermo-acoustic insulation of walls and roofs, made of 100% polyester fiber obtained by recycling post consume PET bottles. Ecozero® is eco-friendly, non-rotting and available in several thicknesses and densities. These panels guarantee high performances in terms of thermal insulation, in compliance with the regulations in matter of energy certification of buildings, as well as of acoustic insulation and reaction to fire.
Thanks to the unique properties of polyester fiber, Ecozero® differs from other insulating materials thanks to its compactness, durability and breathability. It is moreover a non-allergenic product as it does not contain harmful substances and does not release irritant fibers.
The majority of Freudenberg Politex products, including Ecozero®, is manufactured using in-house recycled polyester 2_Bales.jpgthrough vertically integrated processes. Polyester production starts with the recycling of post-consume PET bottles, which are selected, washed and reduced to flakes. The flakes are then used in the production of fiber or directly in the spinning process, resulting in the staple or spunbonded finished products.

The very nature of the integrated production cycle permits not only the recovery of waste, which would otherwise be disposed of, but also a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.
Effectively, replacing virgin raw materials with recycled polyester of the same quality allows natural resources to be saved,4_fiber.jpg consequently reducing the environmental impact, by eliminating the energy consumption linked to the process of producing virgin polyester.

Dr. Riccardo Sollini, President and CEO of the Group, explains that "if we really want to protect the environment, we have to understand that the energy certification of buildings is for sure an important step, but still not enough. It is also necessary indeed that the reduction of energy consumptions starts from raw materials processing and industrial production".
That's the reason why Freudenberg Politex, together with the Department of Engineering and Environmental Physics of the University of Basilicata in Italy has started a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) project for its 5_Ecozero.jpgproducts. This analysis evaluates the whole manufacturing process in order to assess the environmental impact, or Carbon Footprint, that is the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions. In the case of Ecozero®, the evaluation will be done also comparing the recycled polyester panels of Freudenberg Politex with other insulating materials available in the market.

Freudenberg Politex is a multinational company with headquarters and production in Novedrate (Northern Italy) and other operations in Southern Italy, in France, United States, Russia and Poland.
Thanks to on-going research and development activities, besides the ecological panels for thermo-acoustic insulation, the Group offers a wide range of building materials: the traditional polyester nonwovens mainly used as geotextiles with drainage and load distribution properties, the underfloor mats for footsteps noise reduction, the nets for walls reinforcement, the watertight layers and the innovative products for the protection of roofs, such as waterproofing membranes, both breathable and vapour control, and heat reflecting shields.

Freudenberg Politex at SAIE Energia



SAIE International Building Exhibition 

15th-18th October, 2008 - Bologna, Italy

Pav. 14 SAIEnergia
Stand E12- F11


How to conciliate industrial production, environmental protection and energy saving?
With Freudenberg Politex products you can!

The decision to display its products at SAIE into the pavilion entirely devoted to Energy, more and more valuable resource for all of us, was not actually taken by chance by the Group.

Products first of all: Freudenberg Politex is world leader in the production of nonwovens for the construction industry. Visitors will find at SAIE a wide range of products for the protection of buildings, from foundations to the roof: panels for thermo-acoustic insulation (Ecozero), underfloor soundproofing mats (PhonoPAR), nets for walls and floors reinforcement (GlassPAR), waterproofing (AcquaPAR), breathable underslating and vapour barriers (B-PAR), waterproofing and heat-reflecting shields (ReflexPAR), supports for liquid waterproofing (VeloPAR) and geotextiles (Drenotex).

Let's talk then about environmental protection: pioneer in this field, Freudenberg Politex produces internally most of its raw material - polyester - by recycling post-consume PET bottles. Recycled polyester guarantees the same qualitative level of the virgin material, with an extremely reduced environmental impact. Besides the recovery of wastes, which would be otherwise disposed of, the benefits are a substantial saving of natural resources and the abatement of the energy consumption linked to the production of the virgin polyester, from oil mining to transportation. As a consequence the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are remarkably reduced.

Last but not least energy saving: in addition to the above mentioned reduction of industrial processes consumption, further benefits are granted by the application of the finished products. In particular, the products designed for roofs and walls allow excellent performances in matter of thermal insulation and waterproofing, in compliance with regulations in force concerning energy certification of buildings.

Freudenberg Politex, Building ReEvolution:
We build future by recovering past

See you in Bologna from 15th to 18th October, Pav. 14, Stand E12 - F11

Freudenberg Texbond awarded the Q Award 2008 from Firestone
Premio Firestone
The Freudenberg Politex team in Macon (Georgia USA) has been awarded the Firestone Supplier Excellence Award for 2008.
This Award, given annually by Firestone Diversified Products “recognizes the best of the best suppliers and is Firestone’s way of saying thank you for your efforts in contributing to Firestone’s success in the commercial roofing market” says Ms. Sue Hudson, Purchasing Director, BFS Diversified Products LLC. Mike Gorey, Chairman, CEO & President of Firestone Diversified Products LLC offered his personal appreciation to the Freudenberg Politex team for their contribution and demonstration of excellence in its product and services.

Richard Shaw, CEO of Freudenberg Texbond LP, Macon Georgia said “this award is an example of our long term orientation and partnerships built over many years as a supplier to the Commercial Roofing Industry. Our more than decade long partnership with Firestone has not only benefited our two companies but has improved and help sustain asphalt based roofing in North America”.

2008 started at Freudenberg Politex as the Year of Quality. This is why Riccardo Sollini, President & CEO of the Group, is now particularly glad to say “I personally thank and congratulate the Macon team on the excellent achievement! We will all continue in the commitment to pursue Quality at 360°”.
In recognition of the award, all Freudenberg Texbond associates were given “Supplier Excellence” t-shirts and “Best of the Best” will be the new Company motto used throughout 2008.

July 2008
Trade Fair for Architecture and Building within 
XXIII World Congress of Architecture Torino 2008
Torino (I), 1-2 July 2008
Lingotto Fiere, Pav. 1, Stand D01
Costruire Edil Levante - SITEP
International Building Materials Echibition
Bari, Italy, April 17-20, 2008
Pav. 9, Stand 84/85
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