Reinforcement for bituminous membranes

Terbond TH is a spunbonded polyester nonwoven, bonded first mechanically, through the needlepunching process, then thermally, thanks to the presence of a low melt polymer.

Varying the percentage of low melt polymer in the composition makes it possible to give the finished product different mechanical and thermal properties, in order to satisfy the diverse needs of manufacturers of bituminous membranes around the world.


Versioni Characteristics
Terbond TH
Weight g/m²
ISO 9073-1
Thickness mm
ISO 9073-2
150 150 0,64
160A 160 0,66
170 170 0,72
180E 180 0,77
200A 200 0,90
Different versions available on request
  • Long duration
  • High flexibility
  • Good elongation at break
  • High resistance to stress/strain cycles
  • High resistance to static punching


pdfEnvironmental Product DeclarationEPD®

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pdfProduct Safety InformationTerbond TH

pdfProduct Safety InformationTerbond TH NET

Detailed information and technical datasheets are available from Customer Service.