The Novedrate premises represent the historic core of Freudenberg Politex, still housing the Group's headquarters today. Founded in 1972 with the first production facility of Novedrate 1, the company grew rapidly, establishing itself in the nonwovens sector.

During the 1990's, strong industrial and technological development led to the construction of a second industrial complex where recycling technology was introduced alongside the modern production lines for nonwovens. Today at Novedrate 2 the production cycle starts with PET bottles, from which polyester is obtained, transformed into fiber and then used in the production of nonwovens.

Politex S.a.s
di Freudenberg Politex S.r.l.
Strada Prov. Novedratese, 17/a
22060 Novedrate (CO)
Phone: +39 031 793 111
Fax: +39 031 793 202

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