Unit of wadding regeneration

Lazzaro System is a revolutionary system designed for processing wadding.
Lazzaro System, directly during the production phase, compresses the volume of the wadding - transportation and storage are facilitated - and subsequently decompresses the wadding, regenerating the fiber.


Lazzaro System offers numerous economic and strategic advantages
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Simplified capacity management and administration
  • Fresh quality without wrinkles of transport
  • Facilitated production process because decompressed rolls are twice as long as normal ones
  • Can be installed directly in line
Customer warehouse with standard rolls Customers warehouse with compressed rolls and Lazzaro recovering unit

Lazzaro System needs:
  • Specific compressed rolls made by Freudenberg Politex
  • Lazzaro System regeneration unit provided by Freudenberg Politex
  • Space, manpower and energy to feed the unit

Further information is available from Customer Service.