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Ecozero conquers Paris

Ecozero conquers Paris
The environmentally friendly panels exhibited at ALTER-ECO

altereco.jpgUntil October 26th Ecozero®altereco_stand.jpg, the recycled polyester panels for thermal and acoustic insulation made by Freudenberg Politex will be displayed at the Technological Institute FCBA in Paris during the exhibition "ALTER-ECO, alternative materials for eco-design".

The exhibition, organized by the centre Innovathèque, aims at suggesting eco-sustainable solutions to architects and designers presenting products and services belonging to four different categories. Freudenberg Politex is present with Ecozero®, the environmentally friendly material made of polyester recycled from post-consumer PET bottles.

The sustainability of Ecozero® is not only given by its recycled content, which in itself implies a significant reduction of the environmental impacts during the manufacturing phase. The use of Ecozero® in external walls or in the roofs provides excellent thermal insulating properties contributing to the energy efficiency of buildings. In addition, unlike other insulating materials, Ecozero® is not subject to any alteration over time and therefore it grants constant performances all over its life cycle, including the possibility of being reused or recycled for other purposes.

This 360° virtuous life cycle has conquered Paris obtaining the prestigious position within the exhibition ALTER-ECO.

Novedrate, June 2012